Pottery inspired by the rural landscapes of the Upper Midwest.

For roughly a decade I have been making pots for daily use. I am a fifth generation Minnesotan and am proud of my heritage. Being raised floating down the Mississippi River, walking in the forests, and sleeping under the stars of our native prairies left a lasting love in me for the Upper Midwest. I see myself as a modern day Regionalist working in clay, trying to preserve the region where I reside through imagery on functional pots. 

I like to take my life experiences and incorporate them into my studio practice. Whether being inspired by the natural world around me when decorating or using the can do attitude I developed while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Each day in the studio I seek to make functional works of art that will be a gentle reminder of our vanishing natural habitats.

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Sandhill Crane Platter.  Inspired by their beautiful song we hear each day.

Sandhill Crane Platter.  Inspired by their beautiful song we hear each day.

The pots are created from stoneware on the wheel and often altered in the wet stage, then decorated. Aesthetically I am constantly looking to the folk pottery of Japan and Korea and aim for a minimalist approach to convey meaning when decorating. Fewer lines give my compositions power and movement. Decorations consists of images inspired by the landscapes, flora, and fauna of Minnesota and are created from a combination of slips, stains and glazes. I primarily use ash glazes, because the main ingredient comes from the landscape I am drawing inspiration. The pieces are fired in a salt kiln resulting in durable objects, imbued with great variation and depth. 

Although I make all the pots, Matthew Krousey Ceramics is a family owned business. Without the support of my partner Tamino and 1 year old Yuna I wouldn't be able to do what I do. 

Picnic on North Shore of Lake Superior.

Picnic on North Shore of Lake Superior.